Kiki's eyes come to life on an IPS screen, which gives them the depth of expression, a widened viewing angle and improved colors.
Touch sensors
Kiki enjoys being petted and cuddled with 16 touch sensors spread over its head, neck and body.
A 4-microphone array with beamforming and echo cancellation lets Kiki detect where sounds come from and turn to you even if you are far away or if there is background noises.
With a wide-angle camera that performs well even under low-light conditions, Kiki smoothly follows your face at 30fps, notices waving hands, and can recognize you up to two meters away.
Kiki's huge range of movements and expressions allow it to engage with users on an unparalleled level of non-verbal-communication.
Using an IMU with Unscented Kalman Filter, Kiki knows when it is being picked-up, put-down, or flown around like an airplane.
Kikis talk to each other with Bluetooth. Put multiple Kikis together, and you'll see magic happen!
Charge Kiki effortlessly by putting it in any direction on the dock, while Kiki remains fully functional when it's being charged.